15 Jun

I really feel like eating something sweet . . . like low carb fat bombs. Oh, and those seven extra pieces of cheese, I need those, too. Wait, that keto chocolate bar sounds good. I might as well have an entire bowlful of berries and cream. Yes, I know three bowls is not a good idea, but I'm kind of feeling it. I think I want that bagful of macadamia nuts, too. I might as well get that keto pink drink at Starbucks, now that this day is ruined. Gosh, my stomach hurts. Did I just binge on fat bombs, cheese, keto chocolate, berries and cream, macadamia nuts, and a Starbucks drink all in one day? Sigh. Good things they're all keto items. Oh, why can't I seem to lose these last fifteen pounds? What am I, a loser? 

Ever catch yourself saying something like this? 

I did—for almost an entire year. 

I lost 70 pounds on a ketogenic diet in eleven months. I was thrilled--until I gained back fifteen of those pounds and struggled with them for twelve more months. I could never quite figure out what was going on until one day as I sat in my discipleship training class, and one little diagram thoroughly explained my last year so succinctly for me. 

But before I share it with you, let me ask you a question. 

The book of Hebrews only mentions one sin. Do you know what it is? 


Yep, the book of Hebrews only mentions one sin - unbelief. 

Unbelief sounds cut and dry. Either you believe something, or you don't. Unbelief works just like my food model above. 

When you FEEL like doing something, then you ACT on it. Then you will BELIEVE what you HEAR.  

Brilliant, right? 


The problem is, when do you ever feel like doing things? 

If you're like me, probably never. Faith works differently. Faith begins by hearing God's Word (2 Cor. 5:17). It starts at the bottom and works its way up. It's part of what Jesus said about his kingdom being upside down. (Matt.6:33)

When you HEAR the truth, you BELIEVE the truth. When you believe the truth, you will ACT on it, choosing to live from the Spirit, stepping out believing that God's faith is meeting yours with every footstep. Eventually, your feelings will catch up and get in line with your actions. 

So many times, we want proof before we will believe and act on God's Word. 

Unbelief = doubting. 

The Israelites doubted, and they had more signs and wonders than anybody that God was with them. 

  • A cloud led them. (Exodus 13:21-22 and 14:19)
  • A pillar of fire guarded them against the rear. (same)
  • They witnessed the Red Sea part to escape the Egyptians. (Exodus 14:21-29))
  • They witnessed the Egyptian's chariot's wheels swerve in the Red Sea. (Exodus 14:21-29)
  • They received water from a rock. (Exodus 17:2-6)
  • They received quail for food and manna for bread. (Exodus 16: 4, 13-18)
  • The bitter water was made drinkable. (Exodus 15:22-25)
  • They received protection when Moses raised his hand. (Exodus 17:9-13)
  • A bronze snake on a pole healed their disease. (Numbers 21:4-9)

 "Hey Moe, I know God is with us, but . . ." 

But . . . but . . . but . . . 

The "but's" of doubt come when we rely on our five senses or intellect rather than who we know Father to be. 

Our feelings are indicators of our beliefs. Just because something is natural does not make it "truth." Our emotions may be factual and true, but they are not always the truth. 

Relying on feelings rather than the truth of the integrity of Father produces doubts. We doubt God will keep his Word. 

  • Doubt: I know Christ is with me (truth), but I don't feel like he is (natural feeling). 
  • Doubt: I know God is leveling the mountains ahead of me (truth), but it sure doesn't appear to be any different (natural feeling). 
  • Doubt: I know Father always gives me a way out of temptation (truth), but I just don't feel like it (natural feeling). 

Feelings do not always line up with the truth of God's Word. They do not tell us the truth of who we are in Christ. Emotions do not factor in the truth that we are now righteous, holy, and new. As new people, who now live in Christ, we live by faith, not by sight. (2 Corinthians 5:7) 

Doctor Phil says when you state a belief and then add a "but," you nullify everything you previously said. 

Greg Stone from The Rest of the Gospel agrees and calls it "the Holy But." 

"People always live after the 'but'. . . Go out and listen to people talk. Everyone lives after the but, whether they are Christians or not. I don't care what they say first, before the but. It's after the but that you hear what they really believe." (Dan Stone and David Gregory, "The Rest of the Gospel: When the Partial Gospel Has Worn You Out." page 183.) 

Let's be people who turn unbelief right upside down and live in the faith of "the holy but." [I have to admit I still snicker like a second-grader when writing this.] 

So let's turn those statements above around a bit and END with the truth. 

  • Faith: I don't feel like Christ is with me (natural feeling), but I know He is (truth). 
  • Faith: This situation doesn't appear to be any different (natural feeling), but I know God is leveling the mountains ahead of me (truth). 
  • Faith: I don't feel like fighting with the truth (natural feeling), but I know Father always gives me a way out of temptation (truth). 

Do you see it? 

Do you see we put truth as the final authority rather than our feelings? 

Let's hear, believe, act, and then allow our feelings the rightful, but last place, in our faith walk. 

Today, I will. 

Will you? 

Father, today I am not going to fall into unbelief. Your Word says I only need a mustard seed amount of faith anyway - because it's YOUR faith in me, empowering me. I HEAR your truth. My body was not made to stuff itself with everything the enemy tells me I want. Father created me to be fueled beneficially. I will BELIEVE your words to me whether I feel like it or not. So right now, when I don't feel like it, I will step out and ACT upon the truth. I will only eat what will nourish my body and nothing else. I will allow my FEELINGS to catch up later. The real me desires deep down inside to live in this manner. I want to walk in a way that matches your true desires in me, Father. I do not want to walk forgetting who I am. I am Christ in Aleisha, and we do not want to binge.  

That's faith. 

Excuse me; I need to make myself some bacon and eggs. I'll skip anything else, thank you.


Aleisha Cate

Credits: Thank you to my friend, Theresa Slabbekoorn, of LifeCenterGr.org for the use of her photo illustration.

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