18 Aug

I suppose it would happen sometime. 

Weariness. No motivation. No appetite for former delights. And what does one usually do in that season—one naturally stops.

Such as it has been with my writing. I couldn’t get myself to type a single word this past month. Zip. Nada. Nothing. It’s as if the words in my brain shriveled out before they hit my fingers. 

The past week, I walked four miles a day through my neighborhood and down a country unpaved road. My soul needed some time to breathe. So, instead of having an emotional support animal, I choose a vigorous support walk. Plus, you don’t have to clean up the “remains” after a walk, right? Bonus! 

I allowed Father’s beauty to speak to me. 

Amidst the tasseling cornfields, the gravel crunching under my feet, the pungent field flowers, and the trickle of pure forest streams, I could finally breathe. With each step, I could breathe out the stressful tangles of life and breath in what is fulfilling and good for me. 

At precisely the two-mile turn-around point, I noticed a sign I had not seen before. “Faith over Fear.” Nice, I thought the first time after seeing the sign. The second time, I stopped and looked at it. 

And about the fourth time, I  had to chuckle that Father used an actual yard sign to get my attention. How fun of Him to do that! I pondered what that sign may be pointing to in my own life. 

And maybe yours?

So, allow me to ask you and me some questions together, for we all can let the stress of life eat at us until our soul has no time to breathe the important and priorities rather than the clamber of the urgent. 

How often do we allow the fear’s tongue to motivate our daily walk of life until we have zero mental space left? How am I going to make this schedule work? How do I get this all done today? 

Or do we walk into the day in a state of dependence and faith? Father, I am your child, a righteous child of the Most High. I have everything pertaining to life. May I walk in total dependence upon your very life inside of me. I trust you to guide me within, and I look for you in my day with a smile.    

On the way back, a UPS driver passed me shaking his head a bit. Okay, in all fairness, he was right to be amused. I might have had on my Coca-Cola pajama bottoms and my Bose headphones. My boys call me Lobot from Star Wars and openly laugh. Yes, I looked a bit ridiculous, but I didn’t care. By this time I was walking in faith rather than fear. 

At one particular spot on the way home, the forest opens up to a large meadow with the blue sky hung as a canopy above. Outstretching my hands wide, I allowed myself to stop and breathe in the faith that Father supplies freely. Not only does he provide me faith, but he also gives it freely and without reserve. I might as well enjoy it—as well as the beauty he created.   

“Faith over fear.” 

I sought the Lord and He answered me,
And rescued me from all my fears.

Psalm 34:4

Yes, Lord, yes! I will keep my eyes on you today. Thank you for speaking through a simple yard sign and the beauty of your creation. Remind me of who you are often, Lord. I desire to choose the faith of dependence rather than my reasonings and desperate attempts to claw my way through my schedule. I will not walk in fear today. Remind my friends and loved ones today, too, Father. You freely give. We freely receive. 



Aleisha Cate

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