15 Dec

(I have to smile at the amount of Isaiah passages I have posted. Can you tell my favorite book of the Bible? But wait, there will be more!) 

Are you worn out finishing up that Christmas shopping? Or maybe you dread even getting started? How’s that holiday baking going? What about decorating that Christmas tree? Is the garland hung around the banister? Have you bought a new ugly Christmas sweater? Are the stockings hung by the chimney with care? Have you addressed your Christmas card? Are the lights up on your house? Have you started the many Christmas parties and get togethers? Is the house cleaned and ready for family? 

Whew? I’m tired writing all of that. 

Thankfully, our Immanuel brings rest in His presence. Rest is believing that God is with us and therefore trusting Him with every aspect of our lives. Friends, today may we together remember Christ’s wonderful promise of what only He can give! 

The virgin conceived, bore a son, and called His name Immanuel—God with us. God with [insert your name.] My Jesus is with me now. He promises me rest when I am tired and heavy laden.  

(Based on Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew 11:28)



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