07 Dec

It's been a doozy of a 24 hours, so I'll let this confession speak for itself. 

Join me, all right? I'll surely be speaking this over and throughout my day, You, too? I am thankful. Jesus Christ is our only true source of strength and help. Could there be a more glorious hope? (I just typed that last sentence and thought, "Hey. I sound like Chandlier Bing from Friends. LOL!)

I look up to the mountains and hills, longing for God’s help. But then I realize that our true help and protection is found only in the Lord, our Creator who made the heavens and the earth. My strength also comes from my God—nothing else. Not mountains. Not people. Not circumstances. He alone will guard and guide me. He will never let me stumble or fall. God is my keeper. He will never forget nor ignore me. He will never slumber nor sleep. He is my protector. He guards my very life. He guards me when I leave and when I return. He guards me this very minute. He will guard me always. 

(Based on Psalm 121)



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