11 Dec

I know that many of you are dreading these next few weeks of Christmas. I have read the emails and prayed along with you. Know you are not alone. Our Lord is giving you a new song this season. He is restoring your joy. Let His new song have its way in you. 

I will be doing the same. May we focus on His extravagant, redeeming love toward us this HolyDay season. 


I praise the Lord! 

For He has heard my cry for mercy. 

The Lord is my strength and shield. 

I trust Him with all my heart. 

The Lord goes ahead of me. 

He is also my rearguard. 

He has my back. 

He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. 

I burst out in fresh songs of thanksgiving. 

I am the Lord's special possession. 

He gives me strength. 

He leads me like a shepherd and carries me in His arms forever. 

I break into joyful song. 

For He comforts me. 

My Lord has redeemed me!

(Based on Psalm 28:6-9 and Isaiah 52:9, 12)



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