14 Jun

Child: "Mom, if you could choose any superpower, what would it be?"

Mom: "Hmmm....teleportation". Today was the six-month dentist check-up, after all. Our dentist was 45 minutes away. Traffic was bad. Yes, teleportation would be wonderful!

C: "But last week, you said that you would choose 'healing' and cure everyone you know."

M: "Yes, I suppose I did. But I don't think of that as a superpower. Hey, I know, what if we who contain Christ realize we have a superpower—Christ in me, the hope of glory? You know, the mystery of the ages?

C - "I knew you were going to say that."

M: "Good." I couldn't help but smile.

C: "But I want you to choose something supernatural."

I peered curiously over at him as we finally approached our drive up into our neighborhood. If I had been wearing glasses, they would have slid down to the bridge of my nose.

M: "God, himself, living in you ain't supernatural enough for ya?" [No clue why I went all hillbilly. It must have been my farm upbringing. And yes, he looked at me like I had two heads when I said the word "ain't!"]

But I must admit, it's a fair question, and I need to ask myself more often.

Is Christ living in me enough? Really?

Is Christ living in me enough to turn my thoughts from "I can't" to "He can"?

Is it enough to rest in His goodness when I want circumstances to go a different way?

Is His presence enough in that messy conversation?

Can I trust Him to be unto me everything I need in every moment?

No longer do we live from our own strength—the flesh. Whereas sin once held a monopoly over us, we thankfully have a new source through the indwelling life of Christ.

Christ now lives His life through me.

Therefore, resurrection problems get resurrection power.

Yep, I'm sticking with my answer. "Christ in me" is my superpower, his armor becoming my tailor-made costume. And thankfully, I can never separate it from who I am.

After all, what good is a superhero without a cool costume?

What about you?

What's your superpower?


Aleisha Cate

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