14 Sep

We have all had seasons that seem marred with pain and hopelessness. We see failure. Ashes. And emptiness. What would Father say to us in those moments? Does He see through the same eyes? These loving words I hear divinely whispered to me in my mysterious season of beautiful pain. I heard Father share it was for someone else, too. May it wash over you in comfort, inspiration, and hope. 

Beloved, Get up! Nothing has changed. You just learned that flesh doesn’t work. 

I am going to whisper it again to you. Listen closely. My words are profound and freeing. Please hear as with ears grasping for living water. Please watch with eyes that long for peace and joy. Please experience with a heart softened to the amazingly good things I have for you. 

Here we go. Ready? 

Nothing. Has. Changed.

Did you truly hear that? 

You are still loved. Still accepted. Still significant. Still blessed. Darling, let me share it with you in this way. 

How I see you has not changed.  

Even now, your identity remains secure and intact. You continue to be the same treasured, righteous, holy, sanctified, beautiful person containing my inexhaustible life. Allow this truth to wash over your shame. 

Our relationship together has not changed. 

We are at peace. We always will be. My love for you secured that on the cross, and you can’t undo it. You are never a burden and never take up too much of my time. You may continue to run to me at any hour, any place, and for any reason. My face lights up when you bring me your pain, joy, and trust. Allow my delight in you to be the catalyst as you run to me. 

Who I am to you has not changed. 

I am your provision. Your faith giver. Your shelter. Your refuge. Your stronghold. I am inexhaustible to you. You just experienced it now in your tears. Allow my presence to be a new source of strength. 

Your confidence has not changed. 

What if you get it wrong? Oh, my dear one. Why of course you will! I know you are merely learning to walk. But know that your security is never in question with me, darling. You may still have confidence because you still have me. And always will. Allow my acceptance of you to build a strong foundation and tower of safety in your mind. 

My presence inside of you has not changed. 

You won’t ever lose me. Allow me to share this again. I will never reject you. I won’t ever throw you away. And in case you are wondering, you can’t drive me away, either. You can’t lose me. We are fused. In union. There is no tearing apart the bond of love. Ever. That is what love is, my Dear One. Allow my resurrection life to give you resurrection power. 

Your proximity to me has not changed.

You can’t be “too much” for me and have me merely “love you from a distance.” There’s no distance in love, my precious. Love always gives, and I walk with you in amazing, glorious, and sacrificial love. You can be your precious self with me, and I dance and sing over you. Allow my song to have its way with you. Do you not see the magnitude of my gift of love? At the cross, I gave you a profound exchange. Your sin for my righteousness. Your life for my life. Your pain for my peace. Your sorrow for my joy. 

Exchange is the essence of reconciliation. Reconciliation is the essence of exchange. And my gospel is a radiant picture of that glorious restoration. Between you and me. It is a finished work. So, receive it, My Child. We are reconciled and always will be. 

Relax, daughter. You’ve been hurt. And sometimes you do the same. You are human, and I have grace for you. Always. But remember this one thing. 

Nothing has changed.

Trust me in this painful season. 

Believe in my goodness. 

In my words to you. 

And in my love poured out for you.

Breathe freely, because. 

Nothing has changed.

Even in your throbbing hurt. Your anguished grief. And your burning pain. Get up. Begin again. Receive everything that I am to you. It is your starting point. For you begin at the finished point. Only when you learn to receive can you truly give. You may meet others’ needs because yours are already met in me. You are a giver because I gave to you first. Love others sacrificially because I love you sacrificially. Forgive others freely because I forgave you freely. Restore others because you have been restored. Treasure others extravagantly because I treasure you extravagantly. 

Nothing has changed.

I give. You receive. And you, in turn, give. You just know how to receive more now instead of mustering it up as your own source. And isn’t that glorious? When you stumble and fall, know I have factored it in already. No, that’s not failure, my darling. It is divine enablement bestowed as a gift. I call it ‘grace.’ Do you see the good thing I am handing to you? Even in your raw suffering? Oh, my precious. You are secure. You are loved. You are delighted in. 

Get back up. 

Nothing has changed. 

And above all remember this one thing. You matter. 

To me. 


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