22 Dec

I didn’t get to see the Christmas Star. 

This rare phenomenon of Jupiter and Saturn aligning so closely to each other in the night sky that they appear as one light has not happened to this extent since March 4, 1226. The sighting of this star answers the question of wonder many have asked. “What did the Star of Bethlehem look like some 2000 years ago?” Last night that question was answered as best as we can identify – and I missed it. I missed it because I live in a state where satellite images show thick, perpetual clouds over top. The Christmas Star of Bethlehem would not appear in this close state again until 2080, some 60 years from now. 

How utterly disappointing!

Early the next morning, darkness still shrugging the earth, I walked outside and looked up hopefully. Maybe the clouds have dissipated. Maybe I can still see the Christmas star. As the first rays of sun began to poke through clouds, I realized it was no less cloudy this morning than last night. My fate was sealed. Not only would I not get to see the Christmas star, but I also would never have another chance to see it again in my lifetime. 
Thankful for photographs of the star beginning to dawn on social media, I could at least view what others had seen, even though I could not count myself so fortunate. Yet light is stronger than the darkness, and in the disappointment, I began to feel that light ushered into my mind, illuminating a message of hope. 

“Dear Star Seeker, 
It would be cool to witness the physical star, true, but you have everything found in me. You may seek the star, but you have found me. I am light itself. I Am. I am here with you. You have the message of the Christmas star living inside of you. It’s always with you. Always guiding you. Always surprising you and delighting you with presence. My presence, dear heart. Me.”

So, if you’re like me and you missed the Christmas star, fear not. 

You haven’t missed it. 

You may have missed the physical event but you haven’t missed its author. He lives inside. And you don’t see him with your eyes, anyway. Faith walks by faith, and not by sight. You may take consolation in the fact that the Christmas star can never be dimmed inside. No cloudy day can cover His light. No clouds can shroud out His beacon of hope shining out into the world. That can never be taken from you.

Nor have you missed the message. The message still says a baby has been born. The message still says this baby will die on the cross for your sins. This message still says this baby has come so you may have new life. The message still says the light that illuminated this star still shines in the person of Jesus Christ. He is leading you. Guiding you. Illuminating your path with His perfect light. He will shine brighter in your spirit than any physical star ever could. 

And this Light can be found by anyone – even those who missed the Christmas star last night. 

Star of wonder, star of night

Star with royal beauty bright

Westward leading, still proceeding, 

Guide us to thy perfect light 

Thy perfect light - Jesus Christ. 


Aleisha Cate

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