21 Jan

 It’s never just a sunset, 

For beginnings rise upon its heel. 

It’s never just a snowfall, 

For heaven sprinkles down its glory. 

It’s never just a song, 

For the inner spirit reaches toward the divine.

 It’s never just a moment, 

For hidden inside reside hints of immortality.

It’s never just an exhale, 

For affection never marries certainty. 

It’s never just the shortness of years 

For relationship forms in the ordinary.   

It’s never just the last touch, 

For hearts beat together in collective moments.

It’s never just a pet, 

For love reaches across and grasps difference. 

It’s never just a salty tear, 

For grief drips down in liquid love. 

Rest in joy, our Lexi Girl, 

You loved us well. So well. 

You were always held in heart and now equally held in memory. 

Love never qualifies. 

You were family. 

11/17/08 - 1/21/21

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