05 Jun

I glanced at the sweet kindly being offered to me. No, thank you; I don't eat sweets.   

"What do you have for a treat?" 

Good question. 

And for about a day, I was stumped. 

So, how do I treat myself? 

Sugar? Nope. It brings on intense cravings and starts a binge. Even keto-approved sweeteners. Every stinking time. 

Cheese? Well, that's part of my everyday lifestyle. 

One of my favorites—macadamia nuts? No. I often enjoy them in my salads. 

A glass of wine? Sure, every month when we dine with another couple, but that's about it. 

A treat? Hmm. 

All I could come up with is chilled bubbly water from the gas station or a steaming cup of hot cinnamon spice from Biggby Coffee. But since I daily drink both, they're not actually a treat. 

But that's all I had. 

In having a conversation with my dear friend and fantastic coach, Jesscya Reynolds, I finally understood why I couldn't answer this question. 

I couldn't answer the question because food is no longer tethered to treats, wrapped up as packaging for performance. 

My treat arrives dressed up very differently nowadays.   

The treat is that my clothes fit me and that I remain in optimal health. 

I treat myself to feeling amazing every day. 

As one sip breaks the person's freedom who struggles with alcoholism, one taste of sugar does the same to me.   

No, thank you! 

Freedom is the treat.


Aleisha Cate

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