28 Jun

The previous day had ushered in some feelings I wanted to push down. 

We all typically have a few core lies that trip us up. I am no exception. One of my lies was triggered the prior night, a small one, but it didn't feel good. 

Now it was 5:30 am, and I lay in the hotel room. I knew that Father and I needed to talk. At home, I have my routine, my desk, a never-ending amount of Hot Cinnamon Spice tea, and all of the room I could desire to spread open my Bible and laptop. But, here, the room filled with people, I could not find a space. 

Now dressed, I grabbed my favorite white Yeti mug stuffed with two tea bags (so thankful I remembered to bring these) and gathered my stuff. Then, heading downstairs, I entered the hotel lobby. 

Only a few souls lingered at tables, so I could pretty much take my pick. Choosing a lovely table with a comfortable-looking chair, I settled down with my Bible and a worksheet. 

This worksheet was special to me. I helped create it. And what better time to "test" it out than when one's feelings are wrangling inside. Mine. 

As I worked through the sheet, my Bible opened before me, the issue started to grow smaller as Father's revelation grew inside my mind. Finally, I began to enjoy the morning instead of believing I was missing out. 

Deep in thought, I barely noticed a head peering down at me. 

"What are you studying?" 

Taken by delightful surprise, I did what I do best. I answered the question with a question. Two, to be precise. 

"Are you alone this morning? What to join me?" 

I pulled my bag off of the other chair, and my guest took a seat. A waft of eggs and sausage breezed through the air. All around us, the vacant chairs must have all gathered round to listen in the nearly empty room. 

And here, this time, Father did what He does best. He ushered an invitation into a moment that I would have otherwise missed. I got to have breakfast with this precious lady—and therefore—with Father. 

This beautiful soul and I talked about the things of God, each of us encouraging the other. Forty-five minutes of spirit-filled conversation. No masks. No pretense. Just two women and their Father. 

Did she know that she would be the very gift I needed this morning? Did she realize the importance of her presence at my table? Did she discern that I would need those two scriptural references? Did she have any idea how much her smile meant to me? 

She may not have. But Father knew. 

My new friend was a stunning bow wrapped around the present given to me when I took my eyes off of myself and my circumstances. 

What would happen if we took every problem, both big and small, to our Heavenly Father? 

While He won't always send an inquisitive and courageous new friend, He WILL meet us with a revelation of Himself. And comfort. Sometimes even a bit of gracious pushback prompting us to change our mind on an issue. 

All-day long, I couldn't help but sing the words over and over again as my family and I traipsed around the Smokey Mountains. 

I lift my eyes up, unto the mountains. Where does my help come from?

It comes when I lift my eyes up to God. 

It comes when I look away from my own perspective and seek His.  

It comes when I have breakfast with Father. 

*  *  *  

Aleisha Cate 

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