17 Jan

Two spheres, intertwined in heart, 

Reaching, converging, approaching.

Each approach taking wing, 

Bringing whirs of elation… and hesitation,

Excitement… and nervousness, 

Longing… and apprehension.

Each approach, boarding pass into your world, 

Bringing me closer, 

and closer, 

To you. 

Lifting up to meet shimmering atmosphere, 

“What if's” descend into clouds of hazy contemplation, 

As a rising barometer of nerves, 

Attempting to hijack joy and longing, 

With every imminent passage. 

Stomach churns in tandem as instruments measuring journey, 

Soaring toward uncertainty. 

Each approach, miniature reality fading below, 

Bringing me closer, 

and closer, 

To you. 

Beneath the lull of the jets, peace is hijacked, 

Mutated in the altitude far above experience, 

Binding apprehension to enthusiasm, 

Uncertainty to familiarity, 

Fear to affection. 

Offering the very thought that mirages can form high above the earth in the mind of the anxious, 

As if past experience now dissipates into the cloudy bed below. 

Distance fades into the bright sunset high above the clouds,

A thousand currents pushing and pulling. 

Each approach, each weightless bank from what has been, 

Bringing me closer, 

And closer, 

To you. 

Faith in what has grown reroutes grounded peace, 

And has taken flight as nose is set to truth. 

Anxiety dips with loss of altitude, 

Delight haven taken flight over the patchwork below,

As wheels of transition drop into place. 

The yearning soon restores beneath the engine buzz, 

Lulling anxious passengers into hope. 

Each approach, each descent into trust, 

Bringing me closer, 

and closer 

To you. 

As through terminals of uncertainty into concords of transition, 

Joy is escorted in. 

Each mile spanned having transporting thankfulness to longing. 

A flight of approach as one drawing near. 

A blind landing, 

Into warm, enveloping arms. 

Each approach, each joyous tear that plummets, 

Bringing me closer, 

and closer, 

To you.


Aleisha Cate

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