02 Apr

A good, Good Friday? 

I can’t even imagine. I really can’t. 

Jesus is in the Garden of Gethsemane, and He knows He is going to die. The sense of foreboding must have pulled at His soul. Anxiety must have engulfed His body. We know from scripture He wished the outcome of this horrible night could come another way. Yet, He wanted His Father’s will above His own. 

In my own life, sometimes the difficult road ahead of me is one I know I must travel. I know it will be exhausting, full of angst, and something I wish I didn’t have to go through. Instead of pulling the covers over my head and numbing out the world, my feet need to swing out onto the floor and take steps in a day full of disappointments, challenges, and stressors. 

Some days the feeling of moving forward feels as satisfying and easy as dipping a warm butter knife into a brand-new jar of peanut butter. Other days, however, the day’s events have hardened up into a complex mass of “I just can’t,” and it would be better for all involved to throw the entire mess into the trash. 

Maybe you have days like that, too? 

This week the story I offer my mind is one of hope – in a simple name of a weekday. 


In our culture, Friday has a pretty good rep. 


Weekend. Relaxation. Leisure. 

We all look forward to that coming day. 

Every week has a Friday in it, but this week has a “Good Friday. “ 

Today I am reminded that my Savior, Jesus Christ, did something so profound that I can only begin to understand the impact and influence upon my life. 

  • He became sin – so I could become righteousness. 
  • He crucified me in Him – so I could die to the law’s grip and hold on me. 
  • He gave up His life – so I could have the life of another. His. 
  • He shed his blood for me – so I could be forgiven of all of my sins. 
  • He broke his body for me – so that my union with him would ultimately bring—

Christ in Aleisha. 

Christ in you, too, my friend. 

Yes, we can call it a Good Friday because the grueling events of that day would ultimately bring about an empty tomb, a risen Savior, and a new life for those of us who accept the beautiful gift provided from that lonely cross. That Good Friday offered us a Savior who will never leave us in our dark times. That Good Friday offered us a new source of life to meet any of the day’s challenges, stressors, and disappointments. 

Love reached across time, space, and sin to bring life, hope, and Himself. 

So, in this day of “I can’t,” remember this. 

You are right. You can’t. 

But He can. 

He did. 

For me. For you. 

Present yourself to His life living through you in this day. Believe you are held as you step out, expecting He will meet each step of yours with his own. Rest in the gift of Christ’s Resurrection power, which can meet any challenge, even that one locking you up inside. 

His Friday secured your Good Friday. 

Good Friday secured your Easter morning. 

Your Easter Morning secured your life today. 

Let’s walk into the unknown with feet that move out in trust. 

Thank God It’s Friday!

It's the best one there is. 


Aleisha Cate

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